On October 27, the company "Shen Taniq", which is the official representative of the German brand Veka, held a quiz "Power trick" on Freedom Square. The task was as follows: the conditional “thief” had to open a window made from the Veka profile for 3 minutes to enter the house.
Of the 4 participants, no one was able to open the window, only one managed to break it with a hammer. Meanwhile, the usual euro window on the other side managed to open one participant in 20 seconds.
Although the window was not open, participants were rewarded. 3 of them received certificates for 75, 100 and 150 thousand drams.

Shen Taniq’s 3rd showroom was opened

"Shen Taniq’s" 3rd showroom opened its doors in Davit Anhakht 13/3 street in June 2019.

Residential complex at 107 Buzand str.

Currently, the company "Shen Taniq" carries out construction works in an apartment complex, located at 107 Buzand street.